1- Space
In water's stillness,

2 -Silence

3- Presence

4- Cycle

A Visual Conversation (2023)

In March 2023, a  collection of visuals emerged from an Instagram takeover organized by The Journal Collective. I had the privilege of collaborating with two talented artists from Portugal and Germany, and our creative synergy blossomed during our inaugural Zoom meeting. The images here are my contribution to the collaboration. You can explore all of our work here.
Our main objective was to use a visual conversation to connect and understand each other better. We encouraged spontaneity and playfulness in the image-making process by selecting a word and making a picture within 48 hours. After sharing the image, we would respond with another word and create the next picture, and repeat.

Despite the randomness of the chosen words, they facilitated a connection between us and our distinct realities. Each new word served as an intuitive guide for our photographic interpretation, allowing us to express our personal relation to it. This process sparked a dialogue between ourselves, our images, and the space that exists between them.

5- Rememberance

6- Nourishment