Shot by 60 photographers, this special book features striking black & white images each paired with a song that is particularly meaningful for the person who captured it. Some pairings have explanations and some are left for viewers to draw their own conclusions.

Pictures & Songs published by Booooooom

  • 146mm x 190mm
  • 114 pages
  • interior is printed on natural Cougar opaque smooth 80#
  • perfect bound, printed in USA

The Earth Would Die If The Sun Stopped Kissing Her featured in Booooooom.

Feature in It’s Nice That.

Artist Feature in Der Greif.

Every week an artist whose single image was published by Der Greif is given a platform in which to blog about contemporary photography. Click to read my musings on The Portraits, The Joy of Play, The Photobook, The Post-Photographic Image and The Open Road.

Two of my works from The Earth Would Die If The Sun Stopped Kissing Her were selected to be part of Sarah Johanna Theurer, curator at Haus der Kunst in Munich,  and, art director & design strategist, Clemens Jahn’s Guest Room.

The two have developed the following framework for your submissions: “Living Spaces”.

The escalating climate crisis, rapid inflation, mass migration, and unrestrained technologism keep transforming our natural, social, and economic environments. Solastalgia, the grief about the destruction or massive transformation of one’s living space, has become a common experience for many human beings. What are the living spaces we inhabit today, and which new ones can we – or do we have to – create?

Feature in Fish Eye Magazine, Part 1 & Part 2