Site-specific installations

(1) Weaving Colors - 22nd Annual Heritage Festival.
Bahrain National Museum, 2014.

Site-specific photo installation showcasing the elegant and colorful designs of the traditional Bahraini thob nashal ‘dressed’ around the existing columns at the entrance of the National Museum in Bahrain built by Danish architects HKR Arkitekter. Using the modern architecture as a means to explore and display the geometric forms that make up the traditional Bahraini dress, the exhibition aims to celebrate Bahraini heritage and it’s progressive vision and places these costumes, usually reserved for more private occasions, in a public setting.Done in collaboration with Melchior de Tinguy.

(2) Future Narratives - Curated by Juliana Gontijo.
La Ira De Dios Artist Residency - Buenos Aires, 2016.

'In an albergue transitorio, the name given to a sex hotel locally referred to as telo in the city of Buenos Aires, a facade with palm trees and decorative lights sets the stage for an aesthetic in which luxury and desire are associated. This 4m x 4m image, applied to the entrance of the shed of La Ira de Dios, constructs an inaccessible fictional space; A simulacrum that interrupts the ordinary landscape to violently allude to an artificial paradise in 2D that, with its aesthetic kitsch, tries to cover up the decay of utopias and the real deterioration of the spaces of circulation and coexistence.' - Juliana Gontijo.