Eman Ali's contribution to The World Today 10k project, The Earth Would Die If The Sun Stopped Kissing Her, is a series of interwoven tales that investigate the evidence of human presence, our connections and sources, the relationship between nature and humanity, and the realization of the future.

Throughout the project's one month duration, the artist engages in a contemplative examination of her surroundings in Oman, oscillating between private interior spaces and the ordinariness of the everyday. Ali's artistic practice draws from her daily drives within and beyond the city, and it reveals the presence of absence, and the convergence of man and nature.

Her works highlight the human connection to the earth, celebrate individuality, connections, and flaws, and delve into overarching themes of separation and death. She also explores the possibility of life beyond our planet, searching for a higher power.

In this selection mages, Ali showcases a collection of individuals from the region - artists, friends, and strangers she encounters - whom she captures and honors for their beauty and singularity.

The Earth Would Die If The Sun Stopped Kissing Her, a collection of 100 imagesis thus an explorative and instinctive project that documents like a diary the daily intimate experiences of the artist and pays tribute to the land on which she lives.

What is The World Today 10K+ Collection?

138 world-class, established and emerging photographers from all 5 continents, including various Magnum photographers, brought together by Obscura DAO to take the 1st global visual timestamp of the 21st century.

13,800 native 1/1 NFT photographs of cities, landscapes, communities, people, events and conceptual images that will tell our story for centuries to come, taken Mar-Apr 2022.

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